Saturday, 26 November 2011

We call her "Baby Blue"

I would like to introduce you to a new addition to my household: our beautiful new (and quite blue) Samsung fridge.

With four of us living here the previous little fridge had reached its limit, and we decided to pool together to buy a new one.  My housemate Andrea and I took on the responsibility of selecting the fridge which included visiting every supermarket chain (most household appliances are sold in supermarkets here) to cost compare.  We knew as soon as we saw her that the blue Samsung was the one for us!  So last Saturday all four us went to the supermarket to make the purchase (and go out to lunch since we were at the shopping centre anyway...)

My housemates (Andrea, Sandy and Barbara) shortly before buying the fridge.

The day of delivery arrived.  The supermarket said the fridge would be delivered at 11.30am so we sat on the porch anxiously hoping that every motor we heard was the delivery truck, until at last around 2pm it was what we were waiting for!  (Just a note that nearly 3 hours late might seem like a lot - but at least the fridge was delivered on the day we were told - which in Africa is in no way a given!)

For those of you concerned about our former fridge and that we carelessly cast him aside, don't worry!  A lovely VSO volunteer, Harvey, purchased him and took him home to a very nice house with a generator.

Speaking of generators, on the phone to my dad the other day he asked a good question - with so many power outages (we have electricity about half of the time) how does our food stay cold?  The answer is through a nifty little device called a Fridge Guard.  We don't have a generator at our house, so when the power goes out (which is daily) the fridge is plugged into a mini generator (looks like an adapter) which feeds the fridge enough power to keep the food chilled for a few hours.  Pretty nifty indeed.

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